Looking back a year ago

IMG_1749 IMG_1758 IMG_1766 IMG_1763 IMG_1769

dress – Blossom Lounge (old, similar here)

Almost exactly a year ago, my good friend Joelle from inBloom Studio was kind enough to take some maternity photos while I was at a ripe 7 months (looking like I was 10 months!)

In the whirlwind that ensued shortly after I didn’t really get a chance to fully appreciate these pictures, but I was looking back through albums recently and when I saw these I’m so happy that we took the time to do them.  Not because of how I looked, what I was wearing or the fact that she did amazing work (I highly recommend Joelle for any portraits you may need) – but because I’ll always remember how I felt at that moment. Carrying the little one was tougher this time around than the first time (hauling around the extra 65 lb that I gained was no treat!), but it was special all the same.  I love to share things that make me happy and I think I was feeling pretty content in these pictures.



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