Party Inspiration – Floral Washi Tape Wall

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I tried to avoid jumping onto the washi tape bandwagon for the longest time, really I did!  But the uber cuteness, endless array of colours and designs and yet simplicity was just too much to resist.  I have been loving this use of it lately – what a wonderful way to decorate a blank slate of a wall for a party.  Such a simple yet effective way to spruce up your space.  Cost effective too!

I ‘d love to try an ombre-effect starting with the deepest, rosiest hue of pink and lightening up to a pale creamy blush. What do you use washi tape for?  I’d love to know.


3 thoughts on “Party Inspiration – Floral Washi Tape Wall

  1. I just learned about this tape a few weeks ago. I was clearly living underneath a rock! There seems to be endless uses for this tape. Would love if you can post some more unique ideas 🙂

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