Happy Mother’s Day

What a great outfit!

What a great outfit!

What makes a great mom?  With all the mommy wars raging on these days it seems as though everybody’s got an answer (and of course, theirs is the right one!)  Well I happen to think I have a great mom 🙂  She’s always given her all to us.  From as long as I can remember, my mother represented to me strength and grace.  She has been, and continues to be, truly inspiring with her quiet understated way of demonstrating love.  She taught me how to have a strong work ethic and to always rise above your obstacles.

As many will agree, I don’t think I truly understood or appreciated my mom until I became one myself.  I’m barely through the first few years of childhood with my two guys and I am already in awe of what it takes to “be a mom”.  I always had ideas in my head of what kind of parent I thought I would be, but when the time came, I kind of just ended up doing what came naturally and what I’ve been exposed to.  In this way, I feel very lucky to have her as my momma.  She’s not only been such a great mother, but is now an amazing grandma.

Happy Mother’s Day!  To all the ladies out there who hold that special spot in someone’s heart. xo

We had tea at the Ritz in NYC

A few years ago in NYC


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