Searching for…Natural Skin Care Products

my current daily lineup

my current daily lineup

As well as being a bit of a makeup junkie, I also have a tendency to go through skincare products like its nobody’s business.  Right now my current daily lineup consists of Origins A Perfect World moisturizer, Neutrogena eye make up remover, Avene cleanser and eye cream (discovered this brand after going through probably 20+ baby creams to find their body balm the best for treating my younger one’s excema)

Though these products have served well, I’ve slowly been transitioning towards an all-natural beauty regime.  I just want to make sure everything I put on my skin (the same skin that comes into close contact with my littles) daily is as pure as possible, while still working.  Also, I don’t know how you ladies do it, but I prefer not to stick to one brand of products for all my skincare needs – not sure why but I’ve always enjoyed mixing and matching.  Am I doing it wrong? I’ve scouted some potentials below, but would love to get some more input on what you’re using if its all-natural and how effective you find it to be!  Let me know if you’ve tried the products below, too.  (all images below via unless otherwise noted)



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