Green Flowery Things

I love having fresh flowers around but since they’re a ‘nice to have’ I don’t splurge on professionally done bouquets.  I usually just grab some from our local grocery store and have found a few useful tips to fancy them up a bit:

1 – Stick to a monochromatic colour scheme: Different shades of the same colour bring depth and simplicity to any arrangement.

2 – Get a little creative with the display: You can get away with buying less if you split up your arrangement.  Use some old mason jars, glass bowls for single large buds, single bud vases in a line down the table…

3 – Purchase blooms that last awhile:  Try something different and get some succulents – they’ll last you forever so you can get multiple centrepiece usage out of them.

4 – Keep the flowers simple and low:  Anything too ambitious (unless you’ve got a great touch for arranging!) can end up looking overdone and/or block the view of the more important stuff aka the food/drinks 🙂

I grabbed some white and greens for a lunch a couple of weeks ago and lo and behold – these sturdy little greenies have lasted ever since!  I found some other really pretty mostly green florals and wanted to share.


my sturdy little green chrysanthemums


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