Cheers to my Dad

(funny story about my short hair here…when we travelled to Hong Kong when I was a baby, my dad felt so bad for me suffering in the insane heat that he tried everything to relieve me including shaving my hair off…much to my mom’s horror! Classic example of his caring nature)

When I think of my Dad I think of the kindest and warmest man in my life.  He has always been a strong role model for me growing up – I can thank him for my love of reading and art, my wild imagination, and my knobby knees 🙂  One of the biggest lessons my Dad taught me was to have a strong sense of self and not to care what other people think – just be you!

I won’t be spending this Father’s Day with Dad this year as he is overseas taking care of his mum (my grandma).  But it makes me happy because it is just one example of his dedication to his family and his huge heart.

Its funny, they say you end up marrying a man like your father and eerily enough, my hubby shares Dad’s love (okay, more like obsession) of cars, a good strong drink, and a sometimes politically-incorrect sense of humour.

Thank you, Dad for being such a wonderful person…sending you Happy Father’s Day vibes from across the ocean.
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