Perfect Party Backlash

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I love planning a party. Any event, actually!  I get giddy over the whole process of gathering loved ones around, serving good food and drinks and setting up pretty decor.

I’m actually in the process of planning a couple of birthday celebrations coming up in the next few weeks, so of course I’ve been lurking around on Pinterest seeking inspiration.

Being on Pinterest for a mere 15 minutes makes my brain combust with uber-cuteness.  Its a never-ending well of ideas – a lot of them DIY which appeals hugely to me. Pom pom and burlap birthday cake banner? Dip dyed rope garland?  Floral wall featuring carnations in ombre shades of yellow?  Check, check, check.

At some point though, the entire idea of planning an event becomes a bit exhausting.  Especially on those days when keeping the kitchen free of Power Rangers seems to be a herculean task. When you start thinking more of Instagram-worthy vignettes than what your one year old would actually enjoy,  its probably time to take a little step back and re-evaluate.  What would make your guests happy? They’d probably be just dandy with the basics – food, music, drinks and good company.  If all else fails – make sure your bar is fully stocked! For little kids, its even simpler – you can (usually) never go wrong with lots of open space for them to run around and balloons to chase and pop. Add the kiddie equivalent of social lubricant (sugar) and you’re good to go.

I won’t say that my party planning has stopped altogether – but I’ve definitely decided to scale it back a notch or two.  I think I’ll select a few fun creative ideas to execute instead of aiming towards a picture-perfect party that’s more suited to a photo shoot. Maybe I’m a dreamer, but I think there can be a partnership between going nuts creatively and keeping things simple!  Check back in a few weeks to see how it all turned out.


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