The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe-in-need-of-a-makeover

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You may (or may not) have noticed that there have been a lack of outfit posts lately.  I’ve been in such a rut with my wardrobe and have been planning to do a massive reorganization of the entire thing – racks, closet and dressers! As it stands I tend to quickly zoom past the looming piles and racks and try not to let the silk and ruffles snag me on my way to the diaper genie. I want to have less stuff and I’d love to see if I can get by on a more simplified version of what I’ve been wearing.

Its a ridiculously time-consuming task and, though important, unfortunately must give way to more pressing matters – such as helping my pre-schooler master his letter “e” and spending an inordinate amount of time each day holding my toddlers hands while he “walks” around and explores.

Adorable? Yes. Rewarding? Absolutely. Back-breaking? Definitely.

Doesn’t leave much time for much else and somehow we have to find a way to have food on the table and clean clothes on our backs. Anyways, so you can see this project has just been put to the wayside.

I’ve been doing a bit of research on what exactly to do with my clothes.  I have collected a lot of fun pieces over the years (many only worn once! some not at all!) and I’m hesitant to give them away.  I did compile three large garbage bags full of gently used clothing that I donated – but the more special things I’m just not sure what to do.  We’re not talking premium designer brands – mostly contemporary finds in the vein of DVF, Lamb, Rodarte for Target, Free People, stuff from Anthro, vintage etc. I think I’ve been holding on because they each hold a special memory for me.  In an ideal world I’d have a cute pop-up shop somewhere so I could personally see the items go to loving new homes.

But in reality I don’t know if its even worth the time to sell them.  At any rate – I don’t think I can hold onto everything much longer and feel the need to purge and start a bit from scratch.  Have any of you ever tried selling your clothes online? What are your thoughts on Trend Trunk, Tradesy, Bib & Tuck, Copious, Threadflip, Material Wrld?

What about closet swaps?  Finding like-minded folks (same size and similar style) and offloading some stuff while “shopping” at the same time? I’ve been to one clothes swap before and wasn’t impressed. I don’t think I ended up keeping any of the items I took home and I didn’t like the “survival of the fittest” vibe.  But maybe if there was a fun version (appis and drinks!) I’d consider it?

I’d love to get some insight into real people experiences.


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