Brothers – built-in besties for life?

I love trying to snap pics of our two little guys together because frankly, it doesn’t happen much.  The age gap is almost 3 years and their personalities are so very different.

We did all the things we could to prep our older boy – and while he is pretty cool with his lil bro he’s definitely not overtly affectionate (doesn’t like when the little one tries to “grab” him!) and for the most part doesn’t really pay much attention to him.  Its preferable to hitting, yelling or other negative behaviours but I guess in my head I had always pictured them being best buddies.

We continue to treat them equally, ensure to give our older boy the attention he needs and refer to them as a unit instead of pitting them against each other – and hopefully with time as the younger one is more able to play they’ll enjoy each others company.

The cutest thing though, is that our little guy just adores his older brother. I mean – just look at his face! He is just in so much awe of everything H does.  Its very sweet and I am just going to lose it when one day (hopefully!) they hang out and have fun together.

I wonder – will they love having a built-in buddy for life?  Or will they kind of go their own separate ways as they grow?  What about your kids? Do they love playing together or would they rather do their own thing?


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