Turning One!


As I mentioned here I was getting overexcited with planning my little one’s first birthday.  I ended up not going too crazy but did a few things to add a creative touch to the festivities.  We had a family party and then a small mommy & baby brunch to celebrate – I thought this was a nice way to do it so that baby wouldn’t get overwhelmed with a barrage of people and so he could actually enjoy and hang out with everyone.

It was great because I was able to reuse most of the decorations from the family party for the baby brunch! I picked yellow as our theme colour since this little one is super cheerful and sunny 🙂

Some pics below…
_DSC0012I just love the look of tassel garlands (remember?) so I was thrilled to find out they are easy and quick to put together!

_DSC0028Huge round balloons are also a favourite of mine for a cheap and effective way to fun up a big space! We have a huge blank wall in our place so this was a great photo backdrop. Obvi, baby loved it too as you can see!
_DSC0058I just can’t believe he is turning one this week! Bittersweet.

_DSC0079Our sideboard was a great place to hold lemonade and cutlery and plates.  I hung some photos taken when he was just 10 days old up – what a difference! (Photos courtesy of In Bloom Studio).  I used twine and a wall hanging kit.

Chalkart is a cute way to have some always updated art around.  I got myself busy with some chalk markers and wanted to find an inspirational quote that expressed our wish for our boy!
_DSC0005Lootie bags were in simple kraft bags with some cute stickers and washi tape (another one of my latest obsessions!)._DSC0006 _DSC0007Some grocery store flowers were resused for both parties – I just cut them down more for the second party and stuck them in little tin buckets._DSC0010 _DSC0012Had to find a way to use up all the crepe paper streamers I got! _DSC0015Birch paper straws were a great find at Party City actually!
_DSC0022If you can believe it the yellow roses on top were made out of sugar! My mom’s friend made our gorgeous cake for the family party (as well as the delish cupcakes here) and the topper were the roses above.  I just couldn’t throw them away so we displayed them again.
_DSC0013 _DSC0020 _DSC0024For the mommy & baby brunch I wanted to make sure I wasn’t stuck in the kitchen the whole time so I had a very simple menu of make-ahead foods.  Lots of pre made stuff with only one dish (the smoked salmon creme fraiche blinis) that had to be prepped just before guests came. Easy peasy!

All in all it was fun to host but I do give major props to anyone who goes above and beyond for their parties! I had a few cute touches but I just love when I can see and experience others who fully commit to their themes. (If you want to see what I mean, check this lady out!)

Oh and check out these cuties!




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