Slowing It Down…

Have you guys heard of the Slow Movement? I know its not really a new phenomenon but it seems to have popped up a lot lately in my feeds and I am really starting to identify with some of the ideas behind it. I’ve been meaning to pick up In Praise of Slowness but haven’t had the time (!)

I’m naturally a pretty driven person so whether I’m working on a new venture, in an office, or at home with the kids its in my nature to try to do 110% of whatever it is I’m doing. This means lots of multitasking and time management, lists and organization to stay on top of everything. And don’t get me wrong, I actually love all of this. But at the same time I am seeing the value in slo-w-i-ng life down a little and truly appreciating the everyday moments.

Having two little humans around its even more apparent how quickly the time slips by!  Every day there are new observations, ideas and milestones both little and big being achieved and surpassed.  And every day I am feeling both happy and a little bit sad that they are growing up so darn quickly.

With the excess of devices we have (tablets, tvs, computers, laptops, smart phones….etc etc!) it is just way too easy to get wrapped up in our own little worlds.  I am making a pledge to myself (and to you, my dear readers!) to put down the devices more and slow it down a bit and just enjoy what is going on in the real world.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you love your fast paced life or would you like to slow it down? Any tips for how to unplug?


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