The Irish Goodbye aka Ghosting

(featured image via Cup of Jo)

I came across this hilarious flowchart and just had to share.  My husband is infamous for doing the “Irish goodbye” also known as ghosting at most events we go to.  Whereas with my friends, we usually do a long and drawn out goodbye process wherein we thank the hosts, chat a bit more, end up having another drink, say goodbye (complete with hugs and cheek kisses) to every single person at the party and then…an hour later, depart.

Hubby always found this whole process tedious at best and infuriating at worst (depending on how many drinks in we were!).  Along the way we’ve come to a good compromise and it actually follows in similar vein to this flowchart process! We have our “couple” signals that we use to let each other know when its time and then we kind of just go with the flow…

I’ve also found that ghosting is kind of preferred when you have kids – when your 4 year old is already halfway out the door with no shoes on you kind of don’t have a choice 🙂

What do you guys normally do? Do you ever disagree about which method to use if you’re in a relationship? Has your method changed after having kids?

Love it though, great little pic that made me chuckle.


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