Super Mario Party!



Since our nephew was going to be in town this week, we wanted to celebrate his birthday and surprise him with a Super Mario theme party.  Of course, the week leading up to the party both kids happened to get sick, we were still transitioning to school for the bigger kid, and things were just all around hectic. So the decorating had to come down to the wire and happen the day before! Crazy right??

I searched around but couldn’t really find much in the way of Super Mario party supplies surprisingly!  And unfortunately it was too late to order online. So I managed to pull together some simple ideas using a few key images and the colours red, yellow, blue and white.  He ended up loving it and I’m glad we were able to make him smile with our last minute personal party touches.


I made some mushroom stick decor thingies. Fun and the graphics from Super Mario are easy to replicate.


An awesome dollar-store find were these amazing moustache straws! The kids had fun pretending to be Mario and Luigi.


Again, the same little mushroom motif.


Made some Mario stars and hung them from our light fixture.


I really wanted to make a Piranha plant centrepiece but the time just slipped away so I bought some funky spiky blue flowers instead! We used good ole kraft paper to cover the table and drew a Mario for our bigger kid to colour in for his cuz.


I am not a big gamer so I really have no idea what these things are but when I saw them on Pinterest they looked super cute! These monster balloons were a hit. We used washi tape to personalize a store-bought banner.


Had to improvise some cupcake toppers out of card stock but they turned out super cute! The fun napkins went with the mushrooms too.

_DSC0032 _DSC0033

And of course, a personalized Super Mario cake!

And of course, a personalized Super Mario cake!


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