Watermelon 2nd Birthday Brunch!

The little guy is turning 2 soon so we had a lovely family brunch to celebrate over the weekend.  His absolute favourite fruit is watermelon, so there was a bit of a theme going on.  It’s exciting and a little sad at the same time that our boys are growing up so quickly!  His personality was apparent from when he was just a little babe, and we all love his quirkiness, funny sense of humour, mimicry skills, and dance moves!


Marshmallow tower! Easy to make and a crowd pleaser. Not a parent pleaser though, when they sugar high hits!


Cutest wooden cutlery ever. Sale at Michaels! What a score.


The watermelon theme can’t be complete without little M’s favourite treat – cookies!


A fun project to do with the kids is making a tablecloth – a plain white bed sheet, some Tulip paint and apple stamps are all you need.


Funny how Christmas colours can somehow work in the summer too 😉


The sweet table featured a delicious strawberry shortcake (not pictured) and some fun photos from the past year. The watermelon pom pom and felt wedges garlands were also super easy projects to do with the kids.


My kids love balloons (what kid doesn’t??) So a requisite decor element to all our parties has to be a balloon garland.


Here’s the little charmer! He really had so much fun and loved playing with all of his family.


A serious moment with the piñata. The piñata was a fun afternoon craft with me doing most of the work and the kids running around strewing tissue paper everywhere 


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