Easy Fall Entertaining – The Cheese Plate

I love having friends and family over, but with little kids scampering around it can be hard (ok I’m talking NASA-level difficulty here) to have a lovely civilized meal.

The easiest thing to pull together, and to still feel like I’m making my guests feel special, is a yummy cheese plate.  I was super excited to try out this new cheeseboard from PC Home.

20150926_155844First of all, I’ve always been a fan of home accessories that are multi-purpose – we’re talking style AND substance.  This cheeseboard was pretty great in that it had a beautiful dark wood stain, a rope to hang it from a little hook on the wall, and best of all some gorgeous cheese knives and spreaders that are inset into the board itself.  No more rifling around through cutlery drawers trying to find the missing spreader! It’s all neatly tucked into this one piece which is perfect.20150926_155855

My only (teeny) complaint was that I’d love for the board to have been a bit wider, but I’m a total cheese freak so the more I can pile onto it the better! I used various other dishes to hold crackers (aka cheese vehicles) and different grapes and olives.

I go into some more detail here about putting together a kid-friendly charcuterie board, if you’re interested! For this plate I kept it simple with some interesting varieties of wine-cheese, blue cheese, a soft ripened and super smelly cheese and some cured meats. We also added these super cool witches’ fingers grapes which the kids love and the adults found strange 🙂

We paired the spread with some amazing wines that we picked up on a recent trip to Niagara-On-the-Lake (support local! yay!) and it was a good time had by all. Another great thing about this type of entertaining is that you can kind of hover around and keep an eye on the kids and the whole thing is super caj and easygoing. We totally cheated and ordered in for dinner 😉

Fall is my favourite time of the year and I love cozy, warm and easy entertaining like this!

Tell me what you do for easy at-home entertaining? What’s your go-to plan for having people over?


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