A Not So Spooky Halloween Birthday Party

So my kid had a birthday recently and since it falls around Halloween its the perfect opportunity to have a costume party.  He didn’t want anything too spooky though, so we headed to our city’s Museum where they have amazing children’s programs for an awesome afternoon of sweet treats, Scavenger Hunting, crafts and most importantly…smores! It was a super fun way to spend a crisp Fall afternoon and a great pre-cursor to the trick-or-treating shenanigans of the evening.


Super important stuff, guys…Loot Bag deets! I am a big fan of useful and fun stuff in giveaways so I was thrilled to find some fun Halloweenie-type t-shirts at H&M. We filled up the bag with some candy, creepy pencils and a teeny tiny lizard.


The teeny lizard was kind of my favourite part of the loot bag. Useless but cute.


I’m still not over chevron and you shouldn’t be either 😉 We love black, white and thought we’d update the traditional Halloween colours with some neon green.


I literally had 30 minutes to set up! I know, total nightmare right?? So pardon the haphazard looking decorations…Its basically like a dollar store vomited all over the wall but honestly, its what my kids love so I’m all over it!


This super cute cake satisfied the criteria of being ‘spooky but not too spooky’ and hidden underneath that ghostie were a stack of rainbow sprinkled rice krispie squares…score!


Along with the loot bags we had some candy-filled treat bags because…you can never have too much sugar on Halloween #amiright

IMG_2385 (2)

Making smores and learning about our local culture was pretty rad.

_DSC0031IMG_2371 (1) IMG_2387 (2)The anal party-planner part of me was freaking out that I didn’t get enough time to set up properly but it was totally fun regardless and I highly recommend having a party outside of the home just once to try it! Lack of set up time was made up for by the fact that I didn’t have to do any clean up after at all 🙂

Happy Fall!


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