Holiday Ornament Round-Up

It is truly my favourite time of the year! It seems like December came on fast and furious this time around and I’m hustling to get all of our Holiday preparations on the go.  We’ve decorated our gingerbread house, set up the tree and most of our holiday decor.  I really love adding to the tree every year and I’ve scouted some really special pieces in a simple gold, white and wood kinda theme.

This is a beautiful little find that reminds me of the terrariums that are popping up all over the place these days.


Mirrored Diamond Ornament image via $16

I love this customized calligraphy version!


Found on Etsy Papercase Designs $20.58

Anything that resembles a disco ball is alright in my books. My sons chose something similar to these below for our tree just for me 🙂


Metallic Plaid set of 2 $13.90

Having two young rambunctious boys around, its a good idea to keep most of our ornaments in the break-free zone. Wood is perfect for that and they will keep forever!


Zara Wood Ornament Box $17.90

I honestly thought these were earrings and would totally wear them as such.


2 pack from H&M $12.99

I’d break my own unbreakable rule for these ceramic beauties. Most ceramic ornaments are gaudy or cheesy but these are so gorgeous and I love the colours.


Ceramic Glazed Set of 4 via Food52 $36

As a dog-loving family a pet-themed ornament is a must!


Festive Pup from Anthropologie $20.00

We have lots of festive deer around the house so this would be a great addition too.


Gold Antler from Anthropologie $14

I hope all of your holiday prep is as fun-filled, chaotic and messy as ours is 🙂  It’s nice to sneak in a bit of festive glam like an ornament or two if possible!


Featured image is the Mica Sparkle Globe $20 from ShopTerrain 


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